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Todd and Emily's Sailing Trip
The Boat


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    The Stats: 1962 Pearson Triton
    LOA: 28' 6"
    Beam: 8' 3"
    Displacement: 8,000 (est)
    Draft: 4' 0"
    Fuel Capacity: 42 gallons
    Water Capacity: 35 gallons

Cabin-looking out

Safety Equipment 
Life Jackets-Type I                          Harnesses                                     
EAM 4-person Liferaft                      
406 mhz EPIRB                               
VHF Radio(2)                                  
Flares (12)                                                        
Parachute Flares (3)                        
Fire Extinguishers (3)                    
Offshore Medical Kit                        
Storm boards                                 
Storm sails                                     

Atomic A4

105 AH Deep Cycle Battery (2)
70 Watt Solar Panel
1000 Watt Portable Generator
Navigation Lights
Cabin Fans (2)                                
Simrad TP10 Tiller Pilot         
Depth Sounder                   
Navigation Equipment
GPS (3)
Illuminated Compass (2)
Hand-bearing Compass

The Engine
When we purchased this boat, she was powered by the original Atomic A-4 engine. This engine produces 30 hp which is far more than necessary for this boat. After having numerous problems with the engine (which is understandable for a 40 year old engine working in a saltwater environment,) I decided to purchase a 10 hp Honda outboard which was a great match for the boat. Unfortunately, the Honda was stolen a few months later. I decided to replace it with a 6 hp four-stroke Tohatsu. The boat can attain 6mph (under ideal conditions) with this motor and cruises at 5 mph, while achieving 10+ mpg, giving the boat a range of 400+ miles under power alone. This time, I purchased a boron alloy chain which should should present more of a challenge to theives than the cable lock I used to secure the Honda. I am contemplating what to do with the Atomic inboard, either remove it and benefit from the extra space, or completely overhaul the engine.     

V-berth before painting

V-berth after painting

For more information on the Pearson Triton, click on this link for the "National Triton Association" website.