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Here are the costs for our services:

Standard Apartment Search

Based on a specific evaluation of what you are looking for in an apartment, we will:
-Visit up to 5 properties
-Send you digital photographs of each one (various pictures are taken so you can see the different rooms, layout, etc.)
-Send you written descriptions of each one
-Discuss terms and specifics with the manager/landlord of the properties and send this info. to you
-Be available via phone or email to discuss the details with you and/or the manager/landlord
-Try our best to make sure you get the perfect place for you!

Additional Costs

Most people are very happy with at least one of the 5 apartments we have found for them, since we try to show a nice range of prices, amenities, locations, etc. that you can pick from.
If, after that, you would still like to see more options, we can find as many additional properties as you wish.
..................$40 per additional apt.

Do you have any questions? Send us an e-mail at:

DC Apartment Agents * 1759 1/2 Park Road, NW * Washington, DC * 20010 * (202)255-9163